Home Page

The home page consists of the header box, the menu bar, and three areas Browse categories; News and Welcome Box and Latest Specials in the middle area; Open Quotes, Contact Us, Quick Links and Account Summary boxes are in the right hand area.

User Details

When a customer is logged in, their details are shown in the header box; Username, User ID and Company Name.

Salesperson/Debters details

When a salesperson is logged in, their details are shown in the header box; Username, User ID and current Debtor Name.

Debtor Name will change depending which debtor is selected; see "Ordering on behalf of a debtor" at the end of this Help page.

Menu bar

The menu bar appears on every page. It consists of six (6) tabs and two (2) buttons described below.

Tabs and buttons shown in the menu bar depend on the security configuration of Dealers Online.

Home tab

Return to the Home page by clicking on the Home tab in the menu bar at any time.

Order History tab (if accessible)

Displays the Orders page and allows the user to view all current orders

Orders can be sorted to show all or some of completed, processed, quotations, partially processed or unprocessed orders.

Account Info tab (if accessible)

Displays Account Details, Account Summary, and Transaction History.

Account Details; Phone number and Delivery Address.

Account Summary; Aged balances divided into 4 groups (0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days, and 90+ days).

Transaction History (by Period); Age, Period Date, Invoices, Credits, Payments, Refunds, Dr Adj, Cr Adj, and Balance.

Specials tab (if accessible)

Displays the Product Listing of any products that are currently on special offer.

Low Stock tab (if accessible)

Low Stock tab will navigate to the list of products that are currently in the “low stock” status.

Help tab

Activates the Help popup box.

View Cart button

Directs the user to the Your Cart page. The Your Cart page is also known as the Checkout page.

View Quotes button (if accessible)

Directs the user to the Orders page with orders filtered to only show only quotations.

News and Welcome

The News and Welcome section is appears in the upper central area of the home page, below the menu bar. 

Latest Specials

The Latest Specials section appears under the ‘News and Welcome’ section.
It shows products that are currently flagged as Specials.

Open Quotes

The Open Quotes box is found to the right of the home page.

Contact Us

The Contact Us box shows vendor company details such as phone number, web-site information, and address.

Quick Links

Quick Links box is situated on the right area and provides links to helpful information, such as shipping & return policies, payment information, or explainations of stock availability.

Account Summary

Account Summary is the last box on the right side. It shows Aged Balances and Recent Transactions.

Aged Balances

Aged balances are represented by days (0-30; 31-60; 61-90; 90+ days).

Recent Transactions

Recent transactions are visible by clicking on the date link (such as April 2010).

Browse Categories

On the left side of the website there is the Browse Categories box.

To browse stock:

  1. Click on the primary category you wish to browse within;
  2. Click on the secondary category you wish to browse within;


The Search box (in the top-right corner of the page, below Logout.) allows your to search for products.

To search for a product or multiple products;

  1. Type a descriptive word or product code in the Search box.
  2. Press enter, or click the "Search" button.

Ordering on behalf of a debtor

When a salesperson logs in, the debtor information is displayed in the uppermost part of the website (above the company logo and name).
This information displays the debtor on behalf of whom the salesperson is ordering the product.

Changing the debtor:

  1. Click on Change beside You are ordering on behalf of, in the uppermost left part of the website.
  2. Click on the debtor name or dropdown arrow to activate the dropdown menu.
  3. Select the debtor on behalf of whom the salesperson is ordering.
  4. Click the Select button;